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Démesure, richesse, design, beauté

Excess, wealth, design, beauty

Voici un reportage de plusieurs pages sur quelques uns des plus beaux Yachts du monde.
Folies créatrices, démesures et combats de "j'ai l'plus grand, pousse toi, c'est moi le meilleur et plus riche"
En effet cette "compétition" entre sociétés créatrices de design, et de construction,
font bien avancer pour moi plusieurs éléments : LES IDEES, LA TECHNOLOGIE ET LE DESIGN.
Par contre elle ne fait pas reculer le prix, un exemple le yacht le plus grand du monde l"AZZAM",
avec son réservoir de carburant de plus de 1 millions de litres,
et ses 180 mètres de ponts soit plus de la moitié de la Tour Eiffel coûte la modique somme
de 468 millions d'euros. Nous sommes effectivement plus sur Terre avec des chiffres comme ceux-là.

Vous découvrirez dans cette sélection de photos, quelques uns des plus
beaux palaces puissant voguant sur la mer. Comme dirait Georges PERNOULT
"A bientôt et bon vent !"

Here is a story of several pages on some of the most beautiful yachts in the world.
Creative follies and excesses fights "I have the biggest, shoot you, I'm the best and richest"
In fact, this "competition" between creative design firms, and construction
make good progress for me several elements: IDEAS, TECHNOLOGY AND DESIGN.
By cons it does not roll back prices, such as the largest yacht in the world the "AZZAM"
with its fuel tank over 1 million liters,
and 180 meters of bridges more than half of the Eiffel Tower costs a whopping $
468 million. We are actually more to Earth with numbers like those.

Find out in this selection of photos, some of the most
beautiful palaces powerful floating on the sea. To paraphrase Georges PERNOULT
"So long and good luck!"

superyacht - luxury - more yacht expensive of the world - LADY MOURA - 210 millions $

LADY MOURA - 210 millions $ (copyright photo : DR)C

Featuring the 10th most expensive yacht in the world is the Lady Moura, custom built by Blohm
+ Voss shipyards in 1990 for Saudi Arabian businessman Nasser Al-Rashid. This luxury liner is mostly
recognisable from the outside owing to its name on the yacht exterior in prominent 24-carat gold
lettering. The extravagance doesn’t end there. On board the 344-foot Lady Moura is a pool with
retractable roof, a helicopter and a 75-foot Viscount Linley dining room table. However, the Lady Moura’s
most remarkable feature is, without a doubt, the unique sand-covered hydraulic platform that slides
out of one side of the yacht which can be adjusted to sit right at the waterline. Not only does this
floating oasis boast real sand and deck chairs, but also palm trees for a truly authentic experience.
The Lady Moura also features a Mangusta 80 boat or 48-feet Sant Juan boat, as well as a S76B helicopter.
Finally, the yacht is capable of accommodating up to 30 guests and carrying 60 crew members.

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 eclypse 1,2 billions dollardssuperyacht - luxury - more yacht expensive of the world Superyacht -ECLYPSE - 1,2 billions $ !!

ECLYPSE - 1,2 billions $ !! (copyright photo : DR)

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is proud owner of the Eclipse, the second most expensive
yacht in the world. Rumoured to be worth $800,000 to $1.5 billion, it was built by Blohm and
Voss of Hamburg and measures 536 feet long also making it the second largest in the world.
The Eclipse’s immense size allows space for the boat’s many extravagant features including 24 guest
cabins, two swimming pools, several hot tubs, and a disco hall not to mention the two helicopter pads,
three launch boats and mini-submarine capable of submerging up to 50 metres underwater.
Furthermore, for maximum security, the Eclipse is fitted with intruder detection systems and a
missile defence system whilst the master bedroom and bridge of the yacht features fitted armour
plating and bulletproof windows. Finally, this unique vessel boasts an anti-paparazzi shield which
consists of lasers sweeping the surrounding areas. Upon detection of possible lurking professional
photographers, a light is shone directly upon the camera to prevent a photograph being taken.
Finally, a whopping 70 member crew is required to maintain this floating extravagance.
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superyacht - luxury - more yacht expensive of the world AL MIRQAB - 250 millions $

AL MIRQAB - 250 millions $ (copyright photo : DR)

The Al Mirqab was built by Peters Schiffbau Wewelsfleth of Germany for Quatar’s Prime Minister
and Foreign Minister Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani. It comprises one of the world’s largest
and was dubbed the second most beautiful yacht in the world after it was completed in 2008.
On board this luxury liner are ten suites, which can accommodate up to 24 guests, each with an
accompanying bathroom, living room and double bedroom. The fortunate owner has two VIP rooms
for himself and there are 55 rooms to house the members of crew. Highlights of the Al Mirqab
superyacht include the on-board cinema, sun deck, pool and helipad, as well as outside bars,
swimming pool, jacuzzi and a range of watersports equipment.

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superyacht - luxury - more yacht expensive of the world AL MIRQAB - 250 millions $

AL MIRQAB - Rear (copyright photo : DR)


superyacht - luxury - more yacht expensive of the world AL MIRQAB - 250 millions $

AL MIRQAB - Interior mage luxury (copyright photo : DR)

superyacht - luxury - more yacht expensive of the world oceanic-67-millions-dollards-26-crew-230ft

Oceanic - 67 millions $ - 26 crew - 230 ft (copyright photo : DR)